A wonderful journey of service

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust’s Annual Performance Report 2022

From Rays of Hope to Beacons of Light

Aims Special Report

The report under review, it is mentioned in detail which projects are being run by “Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust International” in Pakistan & Azad Kashmir.

“Al Mustafa Welfare Trust is a registered charity in Pakistan as well as United Kingdom, United State of America and Canada. Besides, we are serving the suffering humanity in 22 countries of the world included Africa, Burma, and Yemen.

We are planning to build an eye hospital in Islamabad where the afflicted and needy people will be treated for free. We are requesting to you that please join us in this good cause by allotting us a place in Islamabad. We are deeply grateful to you for this kindness.
From Rays of Hope to Beacons of Light
A wonderful journey of service
Al Mustafa Welfare Trust’s Annual Performance Report 2022

Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust, with an effective network and a dynamic team in 22 countries of the world, is active for the selfless service of God to the helpless and sick, the helpless and the poor, beyond the discrimination of colour, race, religion, region and sect. Action is a global welfare organization. In 2006, the work of “Al-Mustafa” was started in England. Today, Alhamdulillah, the active setup of “Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust” in 22 countries of the world, including all the abandoned big cities, towns and villages of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir, is actively working with the spirit of “service at all times and timely service” to share the pain of suffering humanity. And the mission of providing Sikh and comfort to people deprived of happiness continues with sincere spirit and good intention. Al-Mustafa’s team believes and believes that “access to the Creator is not possible without goodness from the creation”. See a glimpse of the universal welfare services of Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust.

One lakh 73 thousand free eye operations completed

Under the auspices of Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust International, under the slogan of “light for all” for the past several years, various poor including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kenya, Gambia, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Syria, Indonesia, Malawi, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Burma. The series of “Free Eye Camp” in the regions and countries continues with continuity, regularity and success. You will be happy to know that 1 lakh 73 thousand free eye operations have been completed so far through these free eye camps of Al Mustafa, which have been going on for years. The complete data of which (patients’ photos, addresses, phone numbers and identity cards) is available in Al-Mustafa’s records. In these free eye camps, blood pressure, sugar, hepatitis and AIDS tests are also done free of charge for each patient before the operation, and the patients are also offered free spectacles, lenses, medicines and food by “Al-Mustafa”. A week after the free eye camp, the team of doctors returns to the camp site for follow-up and checks up on the patients who underwent surgery. During 2022, Al-Mustafa 132685 in Pakistan, 23671 in Bangladesh, 983 in Burma., 2436 in Sri Lanka, 5941 in Kenya, 2377 in Malawi, 1990 in Gaza Palestine and received the honour of restoring the light of their blind eyes by completing free eye operations. 801249 spectacles have been distributed free of charge and 1219453 eyes have been computerized free of charge in the Free Eye Camps of Al Mustafa.

Al Mustafa Eye Hospital Lahore

By the grace and grace of Allah Karim, “Al Mustafa” also got the honour of establishing a magnificent “Al-Mustafa Eye Hospital” in the vicinity of the British Council and the Punjab Assembly, adjacent to the Board of Intermediate in the heart of Pakistan, Lahore and Dal Mozing Road, Lahore. In this state of art hospital of Al Mustafa, all facilities are being provided free of charge from slip to operation. On November 14, 2020, former Governor of Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar and renowned spiritual and intellectual personality Hazrat Allama Pir Syed Riaz Hussain Shah inaugurated this hospital. In a short period of two years after its inauguration, 5541 free eye operations have been completed in “Al-Mustafa Eye Hospital”. Thus, this hospital has become the free eye surgery hospital in Lahore. In just two years, 150,000 patients benefited from the OPD department of “Al-Mustafa Eye Hospital” and the camps organized by the hospital in and around Lahore. Modern machinery has been installed in the hospital. Chairman of Ophthalmology Department of Mayo Hospital Lahore and Head of Department of King Edward Medical University Professor Dr Nasir Chaudhry is performing the duties of HOD and Surgeon at “Al Mustafa Eye Hospital”. The team of Al Mustafa Eye Hospital organizes OPD camps in different areas of Lahore and the surrounding areas of Lahore by screening the patients and arranging to bring cataract patients to the hospital for surgery. Operations are conducted in the hospital every Wednesday and Friday. 560 free eye camps have been set up in Lahore city by Al-Mustafa Eye Hospital, while 60 thousand spectacles have been distributed in these camps and hospitals. Al-Mustafa Eye Hospital is playing an important role in restoring the sight of blinded eyes. The hospital staff has been specially trained to give VIP protocol to the poor patients who come to the hospital. Food is also served. Students at Lahore University and Superior University also come for training in Al-Mustafa Eye Hospital. Construction of two more floors has been completed under the expansion plan of the hospital. A plan has been prepared to start eye transplantation in Al-Mustafa Eye Hospital in the future.

Al Mustafa Dastar khan, Lahore

“Al Mustafa Dastarkhawan” is also running successfully in a spacious place next to Al-Mustafa Eye Hospital Lahore. In this table, quality lunch and evening meals are served free of charge and respectfully to the deserving patients and their families who come to Al-Mustafa Eye Hospital, as well as the poor, workers and needy students. Tables and chairs have been set up in the dining table. 500 people eat lunch and dinner in this table every day, while free iftar dinner is organized every day in Ramadan in which more than 700 people participate. During 2022, more or less one hundred and forty thousand servants of God were fed in Al-Mustafa table.

Distribution of food bags

Al Mustafa’s beautiful tradition of distributing food packets containing food items to poor and deserving families has been going on for many years. Ration for several months is packed in these food bags. During 2022, 61217 food bags were distributed. 20162 in Pakistan, 1528 in Bangladesh, 3708 in Burmese Rohingya refugees, 1008 in Sri Lanka, 5260 in Kenya, 5928 in Tanzania, 2100 in Malawi, 9200 in Gaza Palestine, 683 in Jerusalem, 1830 in Lebanon, Syrian refugees 8610 food bags were distributed.
Winter distribution

Under the auspices of Al-Mustafa, every year in the winter season, blankets, warm clothes, warm sheets are provided to deserving people and poor families. During 2022, 12710 bags containing cold protection items were distributed in different countries including Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Yemen. 9646 winter food packs, 5399 blankets, 4967 heaters and 180 temporary shelters were distributed. Every year in winter, the team of “Al-Mustafa” also conducts a campaign to offer blankets and warm sheets to those who sleep under the open sky in the footpaths and parks.

Hafiz Project

Under the Hafiz project in different countries including Pakistan, “Al-Mustafa” provides stipends to lucky students who memorize the Quran every month and the salaries of the teachers who perform the duties of teaching the Holy Quran are also provided by Al-Mustafa. are paid. During 2022, 11246 Hafaz were sponsored by Al-Mustafa. 479 Hafaz who had the privilege of memorizing the Holy Quran with the sponsorship of Al-Mustafa had the privilege of reciting the Holy Quran in the Taraweeh prayer during Ramadan 2022, while 711 Hafiz are now performing the duties of teaching the Quran after memorizing the Quran. and 3135 are teaching the course as teachers.

Clean Water Project

Under the auspices of Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust International, the clean water project in Thar, a deprived area in Sindh province of Pakistan and in drought-stricken Cholestane in South Punjab, including various backward regions and countries, has been fruitfully and successfully carried out. Under this project, tube wells are installed for the purpose of irrigation for the poor farmers besides installing water pumps in poor houses, public corridors and public places to supply clean drinking water. 13447 small water wells were installed and completed by Al-Mustafa during 2022. 398 community water wells, 6834 electric water wells, 522 large water wells, 9 clean water plants have been installed. One million people got access to clean water through Al Mustafa’s Clean Water Project.

The Sacrifice Project

Every year on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, collective sacrifice is organized by “Al-Mustafa” in many cities and villages of different countries and the meat of sacrifice is distributed in a very organized way to the poor, deprived and indigent families. . Sacrificial meat was delivered to 2.9 million people on Eid al-Adha 2022. Mass sacrifices were organized by slaughtering 1332 animals in 35 cities of Pakistan. Apart from Pakistan, mass sacrifices were organized in Afghanistan, India, Malawi, Bangladesh, Gaza, Palestine, Nigeria and Gambia, Somalia, Sudan, Albania, Kenya, Sri Lanka. This year, special arrangements were made for the Afghan refugees at the Chaman border in Pakistan and the Kashmiri refugees in Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir, while a collective sacrifice was organized in the flood-affected area of Bangladesh.

Some statistics of Al Mustafa’s welfare services

  • Al-Mustafa succeeded in reaching 15 million people during the year 2022 and helping them in some form or the other.
  • 8349 students are getting free education in 26 schools of Al Mustafa
  • 4263 orphans are being sponsored by Al Mustafa. Al-Mustafa is taking full responsibility for all the necessities of life, including education, housing, food, and clothing for these orphans.

1.6 million people were helped during emergencies and disasters in different countries.

  • 64370 food bags containing food items were distributed to poor families
  • 801249 spectacles were distributed among people suffering from eye diseases.
  • 56 new mosques were built by “Al-Mustafa” during 2022, while the repair and renovation work of 62 old mosques was completed.

559,279 people were screened for hepatitis in Al-Mustafa camps.

OPD screening of 1219453 people was done in Al Mustafa camps.

  • Medical camps were arranged in 683 schools by Al-Mustafa

36 hospitals were helped in various ways by Al-Mustafa and 26 schools were built.

  • Small business setup was arranged for 1411 disabled people under the auspices of Al-Mustafa.

Mass marriages

On the platform of “Al-Mustafa” every year in the holy month of Rabi-ul-Awwal mass marriages are organized in Faisalabad, Kamonki and many other cities and poor girls are sent away with dowry containing essential household goods. In these mass weddings, food is also served to the guests with the sincere efforts of Al Mustafa, thousands of orphans and poor girls have been married so far.

Al-Mustafa’s services to victims of civil war in Syria and Yemen

Due to the ongoing civil war in Syria for the last several years, millions of Syrian refugees have taken refuge in different countries. Al-Mustafa’s relief activities for these homeless Syrian refugees are ongoing. I, along with my team reached out to Syrian refugees sheltered in Turkey by taking aid from the UK. Similarly, in Yemen affected by the civil war, “Al Mustafa” International Organization is working together with “Doctors Without Borders”. The distribution of food bags and the establishment of medical camps in the war-affected areas of Yemen continues.

Aid to the oppressed Rohingya Muslims of Burma

“Al Mustafa” has been privileged to perform the first and most welfare work for the welfare of the homeless oppressed Rohingya Muslims of Burma who have taken refuge in Bangladesh. Chairman of Al Mustafa Abdul Razzaq Sajid himself has gone to Bangladesh and Burma many times to take aid for Rohingya Muslims. A million pounds has been spent by Al-Mustafa so far for the rehabilitation and rehabilitation of Rohingya Muslims. In the Rohingya Muslim refugee camps located in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, the medical camps of “Al-Mustafa” are working continuously and the distribution of food bags is also continuing.

Save Our Children in Kashmir campaign

In October 2019, from the platform of Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust International, the “Save Our Children in Kashmir Campaign” was launched globally for the Kashmiri children affected by the longest curfew and strictest lockdown in occupied Kashmir, and MPs from the UK, International Media representatives and observers from international human rights organizations were brought to Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir and from Muzaffarabad in the form of a large convoy of 100 trucks containing food items and medicines for Kashmiri children, arriving at Chakothi near the Line of Control. Along with international representatives, India was appealed to receive Al-Mustafa’s relief goods through the Indian Red Crescent and deliver them to Srinagar, but unfortunately, India remained stubborn and rejected Al-Mustafa’s appeal on humanitarian grounds. gave After waiting for three hours, the relief goods were handed over to Azad Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider and the head of Red Crescent Azad Kashmir, who distributed these goods to the areas near the Line of Control affected by Indian shelling.

Start of Quran classes in Al-Aqsa Bait Al-Maqdis Mosque

An agreement has been signed between the Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust and the “Hashemi Trust” of the Royal Family of Jordan, for the establishment of “Al-Mustafa Waqfia Qur’an Circle” in Al-Aqsa Bait Al-Maqdis Mosque for recitation and interpretation classes. . The historic signing ceremony was held on December 11, 2022, at the Royal Palace in Amman, in which Chairman Al-Mustafa Abdul Razzaq Sajid along with his team took special part. The agreement was signed by King Abdullah II of Jordan and President Mahmoud Abbas of Palestine. Sheikh Omar Fahmi Al-Kuswani, the Imam of Al-Aqsa Mosque and important religious figures of Jordan and Palestine also participated in the wonderful signing ceremony Seven separate Qur’anic classes for women and men have been started in Al-Mustafa Qur’an Circle in Al-Aqsa Mosque, stipends are being given to men and women who join the classes and salaries are being given to teachers by Al-Mustafa. Local people who read the Quran are given vouchers by Al-Mustafa, with the help of which they get free necessities of life from the shops of local poor Muslims designated by Al-Mustafa and the price of these items is paid by Al Mustafa.

Al Mustafa’s services during the recent floods in Pakistan

In the extremely painful situation caused by the devastating floods in Pakistan in August 2022, the volunteers of Al-Mustafa have set new examples of service in the four provinces of Pakistan. Immediately after the flood, the volunteers of Al Mustafa mobilized for rescue in the flood-affected areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, South Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan and worked continuously day and night to bring people trapped in deep waters to safe places. Arrangements were made for food on an emergency basis and this series of langar continued continuously for two months. After the rescue, the teams of Al-Mustafa were also in the forefront in the relief work. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa areas Kalam, Bahrain, Madin, Swat, Nowshera Punjab areas Rajanpur, Taunsa, Fazilpur, Dera Ghazi Khan, Kot Mubarak, Choti Bala, Choti Zerin, Pul Sheikhani, Basti Hajipur, Kot Mithan, Thal in Sindh, In Jacobabad, Nawabshah, Sukkur, Matiari in Balochistan, Dera Allah Yar, Jhal Magsi, Lasbela, Qila Saifullah, Sahabpur, Chaman, Sibi, Qila Abdullah, Zob, Pashin, Khuzdar by Al-Mustafa set up medical camps for flood victims. Treatment facilities were provided, and two months ration was delivered to thousands of floods affected families. Al-Mustafa’s teams remained in the flood-affected areas for two consecutive months. Al-Mustafa Chairman Abdul Razzaq Sajid himself arrived in Pakistan from London and many places including Rajanpur, Fazilpur, Taunsa, Kalam, Bahrain and participated in relief activities by visiting many areas including Rajanpur, Fazilpur, Taunsa, Kalam, Bahrain. Now the construction of new houses for the flood victims is going on by Al-Mustafa to repopulate the deserted settlements.

Al Mustafa Medical Tower

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust has acquired a 17-marla plot of land on Mazing Road in Lahore for the construction of the magnificent future project “Al Mustafa Medical Tower”. And the map has been finalized. Construction work will start very soon. In this medical tower, all types of eye operations and all types of treatment will be arranged in a modern manner. State-of-the-art operation theatres will be built in this tower. “Institute of Ophthalmology” will be established in the same tower in which free education and training will be provided to poor students. Many projects related to human health will be started in this medical tower. This tower will be the largest and most modern eye treatment centre in Pakistan.

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