Al Mustafa to establish hospital in Khan Younis

“Egyptian-Palestinian Red Crescent Hospital” attend 500 patients

Al Mustafa inviting major donors to visit project delivery in Cairo

Report/ Tajammul Gurmani
Al Mustafa Welfare Trust is a non-profit organisation which is committed to improving healthcare facilities and services in areas facing critical challenges in Gaza. Our attention has been drawn to the urgent healthcare needs in Gaza, and we are reaching out all our major donors with a proposal for a significant and impactful contribution. Since 7th October 2023, Gaza has faced unprecedented violence and attacks, leading to the death of over 40,000 people, half of whom are babies and children. Over one million people have been displaced from their homes, and are living in tents and flimsy temporary shelters. Thousands of people were still trapped under the rubble of their homes and buildings, potentially increasing the death toll even more. Nine months of the crisis has led to unimaginable devastation, loss, hunger, thirst, displacement and a healthcare system that’s been broken. Alhamdulillah, Al Mustafa Welfare Trust has been working in Palestine since 2014, and during this recent war, has been able to provide vital aid to the people of Gaza. We work closely with the Egyptian Red Crescent and the Royal Court of Hashemite’s charity, which enables us to get aid directly to those in Gaza.Al Mustafa Welfare Trust received an urgent request from the Egyptian Red Crescent on May 20th, 2024. They have just commenced a field hospital project in Khan Younis, Gaza and they need our urgent support for a surgical unit, critical surgical equipment, medical devices, medicines and consumables. Al Mustafa Welfare Trust is already supporting five hospitals of the Jordan Hashemite Charity. These five hospitals are located in Gaza and the West Bank including field hospital Tal Al-Hawa, Southern Gaza Strip, field hospital Khan Yunis Southern Gaza Strip, field hospital Nablus, West Bank, Jordanian Surgical Station Ramallah West Bank, Jordanian Surgical Station Jenin, West Bank. Currently, the Rafah border is closed for all relief aid delivery and transportation so all the required items will be delivered through Karim Abu Salim. This project will start under the title of “Egyptian-Palestinian Red Crescent Hospital” and it will situated in Khan Younis, Gaza and it will attend about 400 to 500 patients per day, while the complete full-scale hospital is including surgical units, recovery room, ICUs, all medical departments etc. To complete this project we need medical equipment & devices worth £ 399,500, Surgical Sets £127,500, Medicines & Consumables £ 110,500, Phase 2 Requirements for services enhancements £ 344,250, while the total estimated cost is £ 981,750. Al Mustafa is inviting all our major donors to visit and witness the project delivery themselves in Egyptian Red Crescent warehouses based in Cairo (T&C’s apply – Please contact us for more details). We genuinely believe that this initiative will have a lasting and positive impact on the healthcare landscape in Gaza. Thank you for considering our proposal. We are optimistic about the positive change we can achieve together.

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