Al Mustafa Welfare Trust is on a mission

Al Mustafa’s team visited the prison and distributed sweets among the prisoners

By / Zahira Ghaswala

Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust” where it is engaged in humanitarian works worldwide, this organization also joins in social activities. Last week, a workshop was also organized for the inmates in the jails under the same spirit and programme and along with giving sweet gifts to the prisoners, constructive discussions were also held with them so that in the coming time they can play their important role in the society.
Aiding the rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners grappling with the harsh reality of life behind bars. We at Al Mustafa view this not merely as a service, but a responsibility. We are not only aim to provide guidance, support and opportunities for rehabilitation and reintegration, but we also organise festive celebrations with gifts and meals to foster a sense of community.
One of the key components of our program is skill workshops. We believe that equipping young offenders with practical skills can significantly increase their chances of successful reintegration into society. Furthermore, we provide faith-based training and learning courses. These courses focus on fostering a sense of purpose, self-reflection, and personal development. By nurturing the spiritual aspects of their lives, we aim to instil a positive mindset and support their journey towards rehabilitation. The Prisoner Project is more than just reform; it signifies transformation, a ray of hope, and a catalyst for change for the prisoners.

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