Al-Mustafa Welfare trust’s network has expanded across four continents

Members of Canadian Parliament, well-known businesspeople, social and religious personalities participated in the events

Report / Wajahat Ali Khan

Chairman “Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust International” Abdulrazzaq Sajid has said that “Al-Mustafa” has become an international Muslim charity providing free eye treatment, Al-Mustafa’s network has spread to four continents including Europe, North America, Africa and the continent of Asia are included. He said millions of people are being treated for their eyes all over the world, including Pakistan. In the ceremony in the local hall of Mississauga, Mayor Patrick Brown, members of Parliament Iqra Khalid, Richie Valdez, Sheriff Sabawe, director of Al-Mustafa USA Muhammad Usman Khan Noori, chairman of Masjid Riaz Al-Juna Masood bhai, director of Al-Mustafa Canada. Ehtisham, Imtiaz Hussain Kharl and other people also spoke. On this occasion, many Pakistani and Muslim community living in Canada including chief executive of “AL Mustafa” Rizwana Latif, Muhammad Musab, Farwah Fatima Urva Fatima, Dr. Khalid Ansari, chief executive of Al Mustafa participated in the ceremony. During the ceremony Urva Fatima gave a detailed briefing on the ongoing welfare projects around the world, Al-Mustafa’s chairman Abdulrazzaq Sajid said, after the registration of Al-Mustafa Canada, we have established an office in Toronto, which will enable our international welfare mission. He said, “we have completed 175,000 eye operations so far, we are providing spectacles, medicines, medical tests and treatment to lakhs of patients.” Al-Mustafa is an organization established in the blessed name of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) Al-Mustafa is spreading the message of love, goodness and human welfare all over the world, by eradicating poverty, ignorance and diseases for every human being. Engaged in providing treatment, education, food, clean drinking water and basic needs, Al-Mustafa believes in humanitarian service without discrimination of colour, race, religion or region, Al-Mustafa with the support of Canadian Muslims etc in emergency, food security, public health, clean drinking water, sponsoring orphans, education projects for poor children are ongoing, Muslims in Canadian Pakistani community should provide financial support to Al-Mustafa, Pakistani community should establish free eye camps, schools, hospitals in their native areas. To support Al-Mustafa generously financially, Usman Khan Noori, director of Al-Mustafa USA, said that Al-Mustafa founded 40 years ago by former Federal Minister Haji Muhammad Hanif Tayyab in Karachi, Al-Mustafa is a registered charity in Pakistan, USA, UK and Canada. The network of Al-Mustafa’s charitable works has expanded to 22 countries. He said Al-Mustafa is working in other states as well including New Jersey, the head office has been established in New York, while an office has also been opened in Washington, on the visit of chairman Abdulrazzaq Sajid last month, he said Pakistani doctors living in America and Canada or people from other fields should cooperate with Al-Mustafa, so that the darkness of poverty can end in Pakistan. During the ceremony, Member of Parliament Sherif Sabawe presented a certificate to Al-Mustafa Chairman Abdul Razzaq Sajid in recognition of Al-Mustafa’s welfare services. He said I will visit Pakistan on the invitation of Al-Mustafa. Masood Bhai, chairman of Riaz Al-Junha Mosque, said that he has 36 mosques in Canada and will cooperate with Al-Mustafa in every way. Nisar, a well-known journalist, said that I camped in Narowal last year. It is for this reason that I am supporting Al-Mustafa and will always continue to serve. Renowned community leader Dr. Arshad Mehmood announced the dedication of land in Kasur for the establishment of Al-Mustafa’s eye hospital, school and orphan age home and said that he is establishing the projects to making them successful, chairman Al-Mustafa Abdulrazzaq Sajid visited Toronto, Mississauga and other cities on the occasion of a ten-day visit to Canada and met with the leading government, social and government officials of the Pakistani and Canadian community.

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