Canadian High Commissioner for Pakistan Ms. LESLIE SCANLON on visited “Al Mustafa Welfare Trust Pakistan”

Wajahat Ali Khan

Leslie Scanlon (BJ, Carleton University, 1986) joined External Affairs and International Trade Canada in 1990. She served in federal regional offices as a trade commissioner: Industry Canada in Halifax (1990 to 1991), and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in New Westminster (1996 to 1998). Now she is serving in Islamabad as High Commissioner of Canada.
Canadian High Commissioner in Islamabad Ms Leslie Scanlon attended the inauguration ceremony of the recently functional hospital in Khurakhail village of Khizro Tehsil of Attock which has organized by “Al Mustafa Welfare Trust”, speaking on the occasion she appreciated the services rendered by “Al-Mustafa welfare trust” to the common people, she said; Aslamoalikum and good Morning to Mr Muhammad Khitab Khan’s family and to every member of the community of behalf of Canada. I am proud today that we are lucky some of you to chosen to come Canada. I deeply hounded to be here today celebrating and opening this remarkable hospital in Khurakhail, district ATTOCK. I must want to appreciate Al Mustafa welfare trust who made this project possible. She also stated that “Al Mustaf’s philanthropic nature of Islam is very impressive.
Ms Leslie Scanlon said we are lucky that some of you have chosen to come to Canada. I am deeply honoured to be here today celebrating the opening of this remarkable cast free clinic in where to have the clinic stands as a testament to the strong commitment and will form volunteers and members of your community who had a vision where everyone could have affordable access to healthcare regardless of life circumstances or challenges that may have prevented access to services, in the past I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation and congratulations to the founders, organisers, implementers and everyone else who worked tirelessly to bring this clinic to fruition your dedication to improving the health and well-being of the community is truly inspiring and I commend you for your unwavering efforts. She said In Canada we firmly believe that Healthcare is a basic human right and initiatives like this clinic are essential in addressing health disparities and promoting well-being for all.

He said, Canada has a longstanding partnership with Pakistan in the field of healthcare working together to tackle pressing health challenges and improve healthcare services and outcomes our collaboration is built on the shared values of compassion equity; solidarity and we are committed to continuing our support for initiatives that advance the health and well-being of the people of Pakistan. In my time as Canadian High Commissioner I have had the privilege of travelling all over Pakistan and I have seen first-hand the impact that initiatives like this one can have on the lives of those they strive to serve our work in the health sector. We have borne witness to some of Pakistan’s most pressing health challenges. For example, through our eradicating polio in Pakistan project up there you are implemented by UNICEF and WHO.
We have come to understand the struggles faced by and the dangers frontline healthcare workers are exposed to when trying to deliver lifesaving polio vaccines to children throughout the country, in fact you may not know this, but Canada was the first sovereign owner to the polio eradication fund for Pakistan and we been delivering development initiatives in Pakistan for over 70 years since Pakistan was founded. We are long term and committed partners there are healthy families Pakistan project implemented by UNFPA we have witnessed how a lack of access to contraception and decision making over sexual and reproductive. Health and family planning can limit women’s participation in social and economic life in addition to our work in healthcare. We are dedicated to promoting gender equality and empowering women and girls we recognise the crucial role that women play in society and the importance of ensuring their access to healthcare and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

She said gender equality is not only a human rights but also a driver of sustainable development prosperity for all given these realities we know how important access to culturally appropriate gender sensitive affordable not efficient healthcare can be, that is why the opening of this medical facility and eye care centre symbolises so much more than just the building they symbolise improve livelihoods and the hope of a better future for the residents of Kora Khail and nearby communities particularly for women and girls who otherwise have difficulty accessing healthcare services. For this reason, I would like to once again commend the work that Perviz and his family have been conducting in partnership with the staff at refugee girls worldwide to transform this initiative from a dream to reality. We know that a tremendous amount of effort has gone into the planning and execution of this project and we are excited to see how this facility will develop and improve the health outcomes of all those who seek assistance from it as we gather here today.
In her sisch she also said that, I would also like to reaffirm our collective commitment to building a healthier more inclusive society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive all of us can stand together in solidarity recognising that our unified efforts can make a real and lasting difference in the lives of our families friends neighbours and communities in closing I would like to express my deepest gratitude everyone present today your dedication and passion are truly commendable and I’m confident that this clinic will serve as a cornerstone for a brighter healthier future for the community and will put a hail and beyond thank you for inviting me and providing me with the opportunity to be a part of this meaningful location. Ms Leslie Scanlon appreciated the role of Pakistan in extending humanitarian support to Afghan refugees for more than four decades.

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