Al-Mustafa welfare trust launched New Eye Hospital in Lahore

Wajahat Ali Khan
Al-Mustafa welfare trust launched a new eye hospital on Mozzang road Lahore, which has been initially inaugurated last week. The specialized eye hospital has 24-hour emergency services, latest equipment of diagnosing eye-diseases, and will be city’s best eye specialists in near future. Renowned Journalist/anchor Suheil Warriech who was the chief guest in the inaugural ceremony has expressed his thoughts In his speech that I hope the eye patients now no longer need to go abroad as the country now can provide world-class eye services and facilities. He said humanity is a great welfare and worship. Senior eye specialist in the town and head of department of the said hospital Pro Dr Nasir Chaudhary, president ATI Moazzam Shahzad Sahi, Tariq Hamid Fazal, Khalid Hamid Fazal, Mussarat Qayum, Mian Asif Waheed, Shahzada Abdul Rauf, Nazim ATI Punjad Hasnain Noori, Dr Shakil Qureshi, Robina Shakil, Awais Yaseen was also present on this occasion. The chairman AMWT has said that the hospital will keep its door open for all eye-patients especially for the poorer and needy peoples, he said ” turning someone’s eyes is a virtue and a great worship and we hope to provide our service completely free for the deserving peoples and we diagnose of hepatitis to every patient who come in the our eye hospital and this is also free of charge.

Chairman Abdulrazzaq Sajid has said in his statement that When faced with helping the ones less fortunate, we are often confronted with a series of question and doubts about the course of action we should pursue, a decision-making process broadly considered to be “ethical”. Do we have a duty to help the others? How much should we engage with the less fortunate; is small treatment or sometime financial help enough or should we involve in changing their lives for the better? If our intention is good, can it ever have undesired effects, and should we be responsible for them? On a bigger scale, humanitarian agencies are confronted with the same questions and dilemmas, and by their approach in answering them, we can differentiate between two main perspectives: deontological and teleological. The debate is mainly about the course of action and its consequences and is extremely important from the perspective of assuming responsibility. Sajid also hoped that the hospital’s reputed doctor would motivate patients to receive treatment at ‘home’. He said we will also establish this kind of eye hospital in other parts of Pakistan in near future.

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