Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust Team Visits Quake-hit Morocco

Shaukat Dar

Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust is the first British charity organization that reached Morocco to help earthquake victims, says its Chairman on Wednesday.
Chairman of the trust Abdul Razzaq Sajid during a joint press conference with Mayor of Hounslow District of London Afzal Kayani said more than 3,000 people have been killed in the earthquake in Morocco, while more than 300,000 have become homeless and are waiting for help from the world.
He said that the trust has increased its relief efforts in the quake-hit Morocco. He added that a team led by Charmian of the trust traveled to Morocco few days ago and disturbed large number of medicines and other basic items among the homeless people.
A 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit Morocco, with its epicenter in the High Atlas Mountains, on September 8 that claimed more than 3,000 lives.
Abdul Razzaq Sajid said relief activities are being carried out from a base camp in Atlas Mountains. He said that the team had to cover a distance of 50 miles daily to reach the needy people for rescue and relief operation.
He said the road infrastructure has also been completely destroyed. He said the local team of al-Mustafa Welfare Trust is also trying to arrange food packets, emergency medical supplies and tents, but the disaster is so severe that there is a need for regular large-scale relief efforts.

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