Curious case of Hamid Mir

By: Wajahat Ali Khan

Hamid Mir is a ‘traitor’ because no matter how much criticism he is subjected to, no matter a bomb is fitted to his vehicle, and six bullets are pumped into his body, he never shies away from speaking the truth and never leaves the country.
What a ‘weird’ type of traitor is he that whenever he visits foreign countries and addresses international forums, he eulogizes Quaid-i-Azam, Allama Iqbal and other leaders of the Pakistan movement and remembers his country in good words.
And when he hosts a talk show at Pakistan’s largest media group’s news channel and writes for the most widely circulated newspaper, he remains a diehard Pakistani.
Hamid Mir is so ‘cunning’ that he always talks about the national unity and keeps warning Pakistanis against the creation of a new Bangladesh, but he is a ‘traitor’ because every now and then he keeps raising the issue of missing persons, sheds light on the deprivation of the people of smaller provinces, Sindh, KP and Balochistan.
He demands solution to the problems of polarization and political instability in the country by making these issues subjects of his columns and talk shows.
Despite the fact that he is a traitor, but when it comes to the rights of journalists, he is always at the forefront.
Whenever any state institution beats up a journalist in the ‘national interest’, he is the one who raises his voice for the victim. This is notwithstanding the fact that efforts have been made on several occasions to reform him, but he refuses to fall in line.
And when a ban is imposed on him within the country, he does not refrain from rebelling against the state because he keeps raising hue and cry on international media. Just like what he did a few days ago when he wrote an article in Washington Post in which he gave a detailed account of why his programme was not being allowed to go on air.
If this is not treason, then which act is called treason?
Hamid Mir is such a ‘conspirator’ that he openly says that he will not keep his mouth shut if any journalist comes to harm or freedom of speech is stifled; that he will expose those responsible for picking up journalists and torturing them; will leak details of these people’s family matters. He talks nonsense like ‘General Rani’ and stuff like that.
He is such a worst person that he holds the country’s establishment responsible for selling Pakistani rivers to India, the creation of Bangladesh and the imprisonment of 90, 000 Pakistani soldiers by India in 1971. This is despite the fact that all this was the result of his own conspiracy.
Hamid Mir is such a deadly enemy of the country that he holds patriotic state institutions responsible for giving air bases to the USA and losing Siachen heights to India despite the fact that it was he, and not state institutions, who had done all this damage.
And who is oblivious to the fact that if Hamid Mir had not played the role of a traitor, neither Pakistan would have lost the Kargil war nor would have India snatched special status from the state of Jammu and Kashmir by revoking Article 370-A of its constitution. Therefore, he is the person who sold Kashmir and struck ‘secret’ deals with India.
This was because of this ‘traitor’ that Dr. Shazia was raped in Dera Bugti and 150 children were martyred at Peshawar’s Army Public School.
It was he who had kept Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad for so many years, and nobody had even the slightest idea of his presence in the mountainous region.
And later he struck a deal with the US establishment, tipped it about the presence of Osama in Abbottabad and got $22 million in return which he all ‘devoured’ himself.
It was none other than Hamid Mir, who usurped millions of dollars from NDMA’s Corona Fund and still, he did not feel ashamed of it.
This same person is to blame for stoking up sectarian hatred and creating political instability in Pakistan by creating outfits such as Sipahe Sihaba, Sipahe Muhammad, IJI, MQM, Tehreek-e-Nifaze Fiqae Jafferia and Labaik.
It was this same cursed person who had embezzled billions of dollars given to Pakistan in aid by the international community for 2005 earthquake victims as well as for flood-affected people.
But he is so stubborn that he refuses to get soft on state institutions and continues to spit venom at them.
He is a foreign agent, but he is so obstinate that he refuses to leave the country; neither buys an island or any other property overseas nor does he apply for a foreign nationality.
Hamid Mir has trampled upon the constitution several times, paved the way for martial laws, and these days he is busy running a campaign to give Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav the right to appeal his sentence.
Now it is up to the civil society as to what punishment they choose for this traitor and anti-state person. Because he is the one who is bent upon declaring Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah a patriotic woman notwithstanding the fact that she had been dubbed as a ‘traitor’.

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