From President to Traitor TRUMP

Hamid Khan Almashriqi

President Trump again surprised the world by supporting attacks on his own capital city while he is the president at the same time. It shows how desperate he’s to stay in White House but he can’t find any possible way for that anymore. The live scenes showed on TV channels across the world from US Capitol Hill Washington D.C. was unbelievable. The world could see some very large number of Mobs rushed into central bulging of Capitol Hill in Washington where US Congress was conducting final session for the election of 46th US President. But as we saw in last 6/8 weeks since President Donald Trump lost elections. The way he started resisting against accepting the results and calling these elections as rigged elections . Everything was so shocking and then President Trump kept trying every possible thing to turn around the results of elections in which Ex Vice President Joe Biden won clearly. With majority in electrol votes and also over 6 million more popular votes than Trump. But majority supporters of Pres. Trump have refused to accept the results . Since then President Trump is instigating his supporters to come in the streets and take the law in their hands to turn around the results into his favours. Whatever happened two nights before is the result of that. America became a joke in front of the whole world. Even ex presidents United States George W Bush called it act of Banana republic, President Obama called it shame for US democracy. Similarly many heads of the state from the world called this lawlessness unjustified and tragic for worlds biggest democracy. While despite of all the protests still PresidentTrump didn’t condemn the protesters and didn’t come to TV to stop them what they were doing . They kept breaking inn to Capitol Hill. Although ongoing Congress session for official announcement of President Joe Biden was stopped due to all that what happened in the building . Police had to use fire arms to control these mobs and in it had killed 4 persons so far including one female out four casualties. But later on a 12 hours Curfew was imposed to complete the session and president elect Joe Biden is Finally announced as 46th president of United States and he will take oath of his office on 20th January 2021. But still there are 12 days left for President Trump and more than 20 members of Congress have submitted a letter to the speaker of congress to use the powers of 25th amendment in US constitution to remove President Trump immediately and give powers of president to Vice President Mike Pence as they all have collectively wrote that President Trump can do anything more damaging to US in these twelve days and the way he supported these goons and mobs it shows he’s not mentally fit anymore. Thus he must be removed as President under the conditions of 25th amendment . Let’s se what happens in relation to this move. But there’s no doubt it has exposed That USA is clearly divided into two major ideologies one is extreme right wing supporters where they believe only white Americans have all the rights on USA and non white and immigrants should be kicked out of USA or work as slave like before for three hundred years. While other are still believing in equal race and racial rights.
Let’s see what happens in next 12 days till 20th January but I believe even after that President Trump is gonna keep himself busy In politics and w ill bring more destruction to American society. I believe it was meant to be happened to USA and we will see furthermore surprises from USA in coming days and Months. The system of all mighty is working and mighty empire of USA is at the verge of collapse whether it’s white supremacist Trump or Black Lives Matter movement. Now it’s the time to see USA downfall in coming years.
Although now 2nd impeachment of President is Initiated which is again another unique title for him that he’s the first President in American history who faced impeachment twice within his one term. Although it was almost impossible to complete the impeachment within last 7 days of his presidency. But it has already made a history in USA . As I said at many occasions that there won’t be any hurdles for president elect Joe Biden to take oath and to reach to White House . As courts and pentagon all institutions are law abiding. There were many rumours about President Trump ordering national guards to act illegally but obviously in established democracy things like that are not possible. Now let’s see what will happened once President trump is out of White House would they still carry on with his impeachment . If Congress carries his impeachment it means he won’t be able to contest next election as well. Which he seems eager to do . No matter what happens I still believe the differences between white Americans and coloured Americans have been exposed badly and it will have impacts on American society forever now . Nobody ever thought an American president will end up like that from President to Traitor.

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