Generals who Shows ‘Mercy’ to Traitors – Damage the State

Dr Shahid Qureshi
A general who shows mercy to the traitors and collaborators end up losing the army and state no matter what. One general (Raheel Sharif former army chief) showed mercy to ‘Dawn leaks Queen’ Maryam Nawaz (daughter of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif RAW asset) instead of arresting her under Army Act and breach of official secret act. The current army chief General (Qamar Bajawa) is calling Shabaz Sharif (former chief minister of Punjab) who is reportedly responsible for harboring RAW agents in his sugar mills and factories after he was reportedly diagnosed with ‘Corona Covid19’. If Sharif family is enemy of the state according to your own intelligence reports why are you showing so much Mercy? Sharifs have attacked your faith General, and ran a sinister campaign against you. After your courtesy phone call the message sent to the mafias in Pakistan they represent is ‘don’t worry we will be back as army is behind Sharifs’.
A state that shows ‘Mercy’ to traitors and criminals end up playground for enemies resulting deaths of innocent citizens and loss of resources. In past few decades state security institutions have been deliberately hammered, undermined, destroyed by the people in power with or without uniform.
One of the reasons of the defeat of Turkish Ottoman Empire was it became “too merciful” to the traitors and collaborators of western colonialists openly conspiring against the state. Ottoman Turk Khalifas were dealing with criminals, murderers, looters and plunderers with no morals. You cannot be soft to these kinds of characters because they will destroy the nation state. When we look at the current Pakistani situation it has all the hall marks of disappearing ‘Ottoman empire’, when whole world joined to destroy it. They started with recruiting with local traitors and collaborators.
The systematic destruction of ‘state security institutions’ in last 40 years by Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif has reduced the capacity to respond to the great challenges coming from both East and West. No? Having said that due to the resilience and faith of the patriots there are lot of success stories at various fronts. It is true that all the focus is on Eastern front with India but what about the ‘syndication’ and joint ventures with western powers? Pakistan has become a colony of Britain again and London is the new capital of Pakistan because all the ruling elite and leaders have homes and house as well as doctors for medical treatment.

How they manage to undo the independence of Pakistan is a major question to think about. For example, a woman Cynthia D Ritchie came from USA lived in Islamabad for 10 years, was allowed to roam around in all the power houses of the state including bedrooms. She is now alleging former PPP prime minister Yousaf Gillani, former health minister Makhdum Shahabudin for sexual harassment and interior minister Rehman Malik for rape at his official residence in Islamabad.
That shows the severe weakness of the state in dealing with challenges and compromising security. It reveals that 22500 foreign national state officials in civil service, police and security have sold almost everything. For example, only traitors can sign an expansive and damaging electricity agreements with IPPs, only traitors can delay and sabotage much needed water dam projects, only traitors can give poor people’s money to sugar mafia in subsidies, only traitors can wright off loans of billions with state money to politicians and others. These people with properties in UAE, UK, US and elsewhere are now self-financing agents (SFA), of the foreign powers threatening the state.
Pakistani policy makers mostly believe in ‘pay as you go’ or ‘I will always scratch your back even if you are not itching especially if you are from USA’. It is due to the deep roots of US obliged corrupt elite. Pakistan always had a significant role in the strategic designs of the USA in the region. Pakistan’s political, civil, military establishment and influential organized minority groups like Shias, Ismailis, Parsis, and Qadiyanis have always been entwined with foreign agenda for various reasons perhaps their own.
In 43 years, 710 Pakistanis visited USA was from 1964-2008, but numbers shot up in 2007-2008 when 207, Pakistanis have visited US under Fulbright scholarship?
Research is an expansive business but sometimes money can’t buy everything. The best source developed countries can get from developing countries is human resource. Britain is one of the richest countries in research, human resource development, and retaining human resources for generations. That is why a country size of Pakistan is being run by the officials’ rank of a director general or joint secretary? No wonder London is known as junk yard of Pakistani politicians and officials.
Ironically, Pakistani governments and the establishment have always facilitated the US policies? US enjoy this advantage because it has an elaborate plan to ensure its grip on the governing infrastructure of Pakistan. Amongst a number of ostensibly innocent ways to ensure this control two are quite prominent. One is the ‘International Visitor Program and the other is Fulbright Scholarship. Under visit program, US attracts important / influential members of Pakistani society i.e. politicians, civil/military bureaucrats, journalist, intellectuals etc. by offering a visit to US under privileged arrangements.
During these visits, required people are spotted and later on engaged to work for both and long and short-term US interests in Pakistan. It does not end here, later on; these people are also assisted and supported to progress in their fields to reach targeted positions of high value from where they can provide required service to their masters.
According to reports, ‘since FATA has become an important area for US, in 2008, five Pakistanis from FATA were selected to go to US where they stayed for almost a month. Baluchistan carries a similar position for US, so no wonder US regularly sends short listed Baluch nationalists on these visits.
The beneficiaries of this US patronage, work for their master on long term bases and reach place of strategic value. All the way through, heavy financial rewards and full protection is guaranteed to these individuals in case they are in trouble. One can simply recall a number of journalists, politicians and bureaucrats, who were caught for their wrongdoings but went Scot free to the utter surprise of everyone. It was known later that US government exerted pressure for such releases.
A defence analyst said, “It is quite ironic to note that despite clear service rules and regulations, government departments directly coordinate and process various scholarships and visit programs. Most of the times no questions are asked before issuing NOCs (no objection certificates) and no debriefings are done on return. It is quite understandable as to why the government does not bother about its officials’ visit to US and growing US influence within important government departments as well as society. But if we want to maintain our religious, cultural, social and political integrity, it is very important that: ‘Pakistan government should exercise maximum control over the growing US control of the countries”.
NGOs as non-state actors played major role in the damage and destruction of Pakistan, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. The 22500 foreign national civil servants created space for the NGOs for not investing and sabotaging the state Health system, Education system, clean water facilities, dam projects, agriculture, overpriced electricity.
They diseased the system and make space for foreign NGOs to enter the country.

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