Humanitarian efforts of “Almustafa Welfare Trust” for the key workers in England

News Reporter
“Al-Mustafa welfare trust Intl” doing continue its humanitarian efforts for the key workers while ago when the UK government was encouraging the public to stay at home, key workers where working tirelessly to ensure that everyone is looked after during the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, since then with the help of our team we are getting food/drinks to those who need it as Police, fire brigade, care homes children, families, the homeless, NHS workers, bank staffer, care homes and those how are considered to be frontline workers. The chairman Almustafa welfare trust Abdulrazzaq Sajjid has said in a news conference, the team of our “trust” making this sure that these people looked after too, as we are looking after homeless, vulnerable, disable and homeless needy peoples throw out the years in England.

He said, we understand this is our fundamental humanitarian duty that the frontline workers are our heroes and we must look after them as we delivered thousands of meals to key workers and the vulnerable across the England, he said I want to take this opportunity to thank the key workers for their tireless work for the sake of humanity. Chairman said my woes is the volume of food wasted every week by the UK’s largest food retailer, this can redistribute to the people who are dying with hunger in all over the world, AMWT is working its helping worlds in Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Burma and wherever humanitarian crises or natural disaster is going on.

Al-Mustafa welfare trust will continue its help efforts in this ‘pandemic era’ as usual, “trust” also started a phone helpline which given the opportunity where disable and vulnerable people could call and ask for the stuff, they needed. Abdulrazzaq Sajid said we think, and this is important too that we must give our utter support to the country we are living, so that’s why we as a charity organisation doing our efforts in England and the other side of the globe. He also said we are not doing this just for seeking people’s appreciation but just for submission of Allah.

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