Iron Dome is Exposed

Since US president Joe Biden has clearly taken the side of Zionist Jews and supported Their attacks on innocent unarmed Palestinian Civilians it’s is clear that. I matter whosoever renter in White House US policy in support of Israel will remain one soared unfair and biased against Palestinians. Not Only USA has shown support with Israel they also approved further consignments of weapons & financial aid to kill more innocents. Hence it is clear that America is equally responsible for the Palestine situation but also US hands are also full of blood of Palestinians. Within last two week America has veto more than 3 statements in UN Security Council to condemn Israeli atrocities.
While on the other hands so unfortunately none of the Arab country has even issued a statement against Israel apart from a joint statement from OIC . To be honest if you read that statement that looks like a very average statement not from a platform of 57 Muslim countries. Rather Pakistan, Turkey has given
Much more stronger & hard statement individually. Despite of all that I am very hopeful and optimistic about the situation in Gaza and in Israel internally and it not because of any external reason rather it is only due to commitment of Palestinians to fight till they won and they are fighting for the whole Ummah as custodians of our first QIBLA. Situation is much different this time than past aggressions from Israel. This time Hamas and all resistance organisations have decided to fight together and 20% of Israeli Muslim population is also ready to fight against Israeli occupation.
If look deeply into the situation what’s happening for last few days in so called Israel. It’s quite an eye opener and alarming for the whole world .

It looks like the events have started to unfold too soon and very quickly . Yes !! Really fast . It’s quite clear that Zionist Jews are in hurry to complete the process of revealing the antiChrist . But somethings these evil planners plan and some are planned by Allah Almighty and as we Muslim believe Allah’s plan is best and gonna be implemented eventually. Hence Hamas has given very unexpected tough time to Israel . When you look into past conflicts between Hamas and Israeli forces those were one sided with very heavy losses to Hamas. Things have changed reporters from across Israel are reporting differently this time . There are clear evidences of heavy casualties and financial losses to Israel. Due to suspension of all flight operations In peak season of tourism Israel has suffered billions of dollars losses . And internal situation of law and order is worst. Yes !! Since 1966/67 it’s first time that entire Israel is under emergency and is declared under War. All the Israeli Airports are shutdown for any kind of flights. Although there’s no end & no limits to Israeli atrocities and brutality in this ongoing war against brave apartheid Palestinians. But this time we can see some especial blessings and aid from Allah For Hamas and Palestinians. Hence its kind of start of a large scale civil war in entire Israel. There’s resistance in every street of so called Israel ( occupied Palestine). Just to let my reader know that in Israel over 20% of the population is Muslim Israelis and they have started resistance this time along with Hamas firing rockets in 100’s . Local Muslim Israelis are attacking to Jews and targeting them in Gorilla war style . And because of that according to some reports every local Jew is scared and isolated in their homes not moving in streets alone . Due to all that first time in fifty years Israeli Government has to imposed curfew In different cities to control the situation. While on the other hand Hamas’s few dollars rockets have badly exposed the world’So called most Advanced air defence system “ IRON DOME” Hamas rockets have been hitting the targets with more than 30% accuracy including oil stocks, airports, bus stations , and govt buildings. Catastrophic pictures from inside Israel showing people screaming in the streets and sirens all across cities and burnt busses , oil tankers and dead bodies of Zionist Jews. Now there are internal voices against Israeli govt & army against there illegal actions and killings of innocent civilians including infants , kids, pregnant women, old age people . Orthodox Jews from across the world are openly criticising Israel because they believe to have no right on land of Palestine and Israel is an illegal state. In fact THE SUNNI Hamas has gone much more stronger with the help of SHIA Hizabullah. Which shows that if we Muslims are together without any sects we can still win all our wars . IRON DOME’s failure has been criticised by all Jews across the world including in USA where Jewish lobby is extremely worried for their defence . But to be honest I believe aa Muslim when it’s Allah’s plan than all their defence systems would be failed and it seems Allah is helping our Palestinian brothers . Now it’s again testing time of Muslim heads of the states . I believe this is an ideal opportunity for Muslim Ummah to regain its respect in the world. Let the world know we Muslims are United to defend our first QIBLA . After last night’s attack on Aljazeera’s building and destroying other media houses in Gaza it’s now entire world’s responsibility to held Israel accountable for that. Other wise according to the current situation in inside Israel All hell has broken loose inside the Jewish entity. Every airport is shut down.Every City under civil war.Air raid sirens are going on round the clock.There is total panic within the Israeli govt and the population. Attack like that shows desperation of Israeli Government because they are trying to hide the fact of their failure. Israel seems desperate to hide all the news of their civil war situation in the country . But the truth can’t be hidden for long specially in such advance era of media . Although still there’s a long and very hard full of sacrifices struggle ahead for Palestinians to secure victory against Zionist state of Israel. But determination and commitment of brave Palestinians will achieve this InshaAllah. Now victory isn’t far for Palestinians. With the will of Allah Almighty.

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