By Dr Qadir Bakhsh, MBE

Tony Blair argues that “….Western and Islamic values ……have developed in tandem. The Enlightenment and the modern Western ideas that emerged from it would not have been possible without significant influence from advances in mathematics, physics, chemistry, medicine and philosophy made during the GoldenAge of Islam.”
There is no denying that Muslims in the Golden Age of Islam made substantial and pioneering contributions, which formed the basis for future developments. This is one of the reason that generates fruitionamong Muslims inthemainfor failing to continue contributing despite enormous resourcefulness. Nodoubt, there arecauses–both ‘internal’ and ‘external’ –which we will not address here, but instead list the names and contributions by predominantly Jews and their impact. Although the list of inventions by Christians in various fields is enormous too.
We briefly begin by highlighting the work of Islamicity Foundation, and a study conducted by Professor Hossein Askari of George Washington University entitled “How Islamic are the Islamic Countries” showing that most of the countries that apply “Islamic Principles” in their daily lives are not the ones that are traditionally Muslim.
For example:

There are so many references and sources for this information to list e.g. Wikipedia or websites of individuals , listed here or the websites of enter- prises, businesses and organisations mentioned here, e.g. Islamicity Foundation, Microsoft or Stanley Cohen. We have verified most of these claims. There are numerous researchpapers published by reputable publi- cationssee for example:
1) Bandoon.com-Ranking of True Countries– accessed June, 2000.
2)Choudhry,S .(2008). Why Jews are powerful and Muslims are power- less, Asian Tribune: Striving for Asian Solidarity. Vol 12 No. 2888.
3)Muslims wakeup and educate yourself–demographics (15slides) Published in Education on October 10, 2014.

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