Modi needs to be realistic

To be honest since Narendra Modi have won the election second time with a landslide victory. His party and allies are believing that they have conquered the world and behaving like all the western world Europe USA Canada and Russia all are going to beg India to be their allies. Due to this illusion India has started doing one blunder after another. Even the intellectuals and secular class of Indians are themselves in state of shock and disbelieve that what is happening in India. During first tenure of PM Modi he promised the world to the Indian nation but could not deliver anything but disappointment and increase hunger, poverty, unemployment, and decreased GDP.
Now he’s rushing to complete his actual aim and agenda behind his PM of All India face and that’s Turning India into a Hindu state based on Hindutawa R.S.S. ideology I don’t want to go in details of what RSS ideology but just would like to tell my readers it’s an ideology similar to Hitler’s Nazism where you have a concept of superior race and nation based on religion or colour or region . In addition to hitter’s ideology RSS is also based on 100’s years Old Hindu writer “CHANKIYA” who believed that to complete the Hindu empire and control the sub-continent Hindus can kill and eliminate all other religions and races from subcontinent through a bloodshed .
So for my readers yes!!! it is scary that this kind of mentality is in power in India in 21st century.
The latest examples of that ideology is Modi’s revoking article 370 & 35/A in Indian occupied Kashmir and in disputed Ladakh region. Since 05th August last year 2019. Then Indian BJP Government intruder two more disputed and discriminatory law CAB ( Citizen Amendment Bill) & NRC ( National Registration Certificate) these two bills were so racist based on religion and discriminatory that UNO , amnesty International and other humanitarian organisations openly questioned and criticised such laws where Muslims were targets minority.
Because world response and reaction were not strong enough to stop Modi or revoke his actions against Kashmiris, Muslims and other minorities.
Hence Modi started intervening in neighbouring countries integral territories. Like started laying road inside sovereign state of a Nepal and then tried to build posts in disputed area of Ladakh and that was the point I believe where China did the role of whistle blower and gave India a shut-up call by not only stopping Indian to build posts rather pushed them back and went inside of Indian claimed part of Ladakh for over 80 kilometres deep and now have maintained their posts and army deployments. Since the start of May this year there were news of sledging between Indian & Chinese soldiers but on 15th June suddenly one Indian army battalion of Indian army advanced into Chinese based camp and posts. Obviously, Chinese liberation army must retaliate, and then an unarmed melee or brawl started and ended up with killing of over 20 Indian soldiers and officers and over 2 does a being kept as prisoners. In the beginning. All Indian media Army & Govt. Was failed to understand what have exactly happened and they were stunned for good 24 hours to give an official response on the incident. While Chinese foreign ministry and state department issued statements with 3 hours of incident and accused Indian army of provoking Chinese soldiers and trespassing Chinese territory this Chinese army has to take action and in the result of that caught so many India. Solidifies were killed.
Since than all over Indian there is a campaign to boycott Chinese products. By wearing boycott China T-shirt’s (Chinese made) similarly unprofessional and stupid Indian media is projecting campaign against Chinese companies and investments in China by thinking it will bring China down to its knees. But unfortunately, like always they are not doing the reality check. They need to know China does 70 billion exports to India which is only 2.90% of overall Chinese exports which means even if they stop exporting to India it will hardly affect Chinese economy. while India’s biggest export after US is China which is over 20 billion dollars. Which has a significant impact on Indian economy and id they stop importing from India China will have no problem to make everything in China rather it will bankrupt many Indian businesses.
So Indian govt and businesses cannot afford to have economical rivalry with China.
Similarly, both armies have no match China is much advanced professional and well-trained army than Indian. Indian media and Government need to be realistic and must tell the truth to their nation.
Otherwise in enmity of Pakistan and China (CPEC, OBOR) Indian will lose it is everything. Their GDP is lowest in the history covid-19 crises getting worst everyday people are forced to commit suicides. Indian Capital Delhi is known as Rapist capital of the world.
India is facing karma Modi tried to Alienate Pakistan and now facing the worst humiliation of its history by China and other neighbours. Modi is left alone in the region due to its bullying behaviour.
Still I would advise there’s a little time left for Modi to do reality check and must come out of this Hindu tawa mindset otherwise there’s no force on this earth which can stop the further divisions of India . If Modi wants to be the Mikhail Gorbachev of Indian history, he’s on the right track but if he wants to save India from further division and isolation in the region.
Modi need to take step back from his policies and must give rights to the Kashmiris respect Chinese territory respect Nepal’s sovereignty, acknowledge Bangladesh’s respect.
Modi must start thinking about the poverty and hunger of India and the region as this is the only peaceful way to move forward. Otherwise as we say in jokes in Pakistan “imagine if Chinese made soldiers can thrash Indian soldiers like that what will real soldiers of Pakistan will do to them” Secondly India needs to understand we do not offer cup of fantastic Tea every time.
( Hamid Khan Almashriqi is a renowned Journalist /anchor and the grandson of Allama Inayatullah Khan Mashriqi, who was a mathematician, logician, political theorist, Islamic scholar and the founder of the Khaksar movement )

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