Saudi Arabian ‘MBS’ Bashing in Pakistan hallmarks of Great Game

The current wave of Saudi bashing in Pakistan with regards to Saudi Prince MBS (Mohammad Bin Salman’s) attempts to recognise or normalise relations with Zionist state of Israel. The reality is that Iran has much deeper and stronger relations with Israel as many of its leaders were Iranian Jews including former President of Israel. Iran was buying weapons from Israel secretly during Iraq war. Making friends with Jews does not mean support of Zionism and its cruelty on Palestinians in occupied territories. Muslim empires (Mughals in India, Turk Ottoman, Abbasid in Baghdad, and Umyyads in Spain) always protected all minorities and we do not have a history of Antisemitism (anti Jews). Ottoman Navy was sent to save Jews exiled by the catholic Spain.
Antisemitism is very Christian European thing as it was observed during in the 2nd World War in Europe. When German Nazi Hitler wrote to Muslim Arab King of Morocco to provide a list of all Jews. He replied to him: ‘I have only Moroccans living in my country. There are approximately 5000 registered voter Jews living in Pakistan like many other communities. People must understand difference between Zionism and Abrahamic Judaism. There are many Jews in the world who do not recognise the Zionist state and burn Israeli flags even in London.
The current anti Saudi wave in Pakistan has all the hallmarks of great game with the input of regional players and strategic partners Iran and India.
Over 2 million Pakistanis are working in Saudi Arabia and about 3 million in Sunni countries in Gulf and UAE and only about 25000 in Iran. These workers are major supporters of millions of their family members back home. Economic independence can only be achieved by punishing the looters of national wealth. Pakistani economic and strategic interests are predominantly in the Sunni world which cannot ignored due to sectarian policies of Iran Pakistani trade with Iran is less than USD $2 billion a year apart from having 700 miles land and sea border but with India its $30 billion a year. Iran even buys basmati rice from India.
Iran has signed nuclear deal with Europeans and have restored diplomatic relations with UK. Over $30 billion India-Iran military and civil cooperation deal is obviously against Pakistan’s national interests.
A defence expert told me that: In 1965 when war broke out between India and Pakistan as we were using same type of US made arms, we sent an officer to request the Iranian to supply us just in case we run out as US has put sanctions on Pakistan. To our surprise Iranians started bargaining on the prices of arms we needed. Not much changed since.
Indo-Iran Intelligence network of Afkhamy
The current Saudi bashing in Pakistan seems to be managed by Indo-Iran Intelligence network of Iskandar-Afkhamy which is very much active in Pakistan even today.
Pakistani President Iskandar Mirza (great grandson of Mir Jaffar) was exiled to London with his Iranian Intelligence agent wife (Bhai)Nahid Afkahmy. She was living in Pakistan as wife of Iranian Military Attach Col. Afkhamy before honey trapping of the Pakistani President. Pakistan refused to accept his dead body but The Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi sent his personal plane to London to bring former Pakistani President Mirza’s body to Tehran, where he was given a State Funeral. Why and what was Pakistani President Iskandar Mirza doing for a foreign government.
It seems Iskandar-Afkhamy Network of Iranian intelligence still very much active in and out of Pakistan’s offices and circles. Surprisingly on 25 January 2019, I received following email from the Pakistan High Commission, Information Division, London press Release.
High Commissioner condoles the death of Begum Nahid Iskandar Mirza, Begum Nahid Iskandar Mirza died in London on 24 January 2019. In his condolence message to Ms. Safia Afkhami, daughter of Begum Nahid Iskandar Mirza, High Commissioner Mohammad Nafees Zakaria has expressed deep grief over the sad demise of the former First Lady of Pakistan.?
I spoke to her daughter Ms Safia Afkhamy living in Knightsbridge, London and offered my condolences. I said to her: I never knew about your existence. She said I am daughter of Col. Afkhamy, Iranian Military Attaché to Pakistan. She said: we left Iran after the Khomeini revolution. She said: I do not know the date of the funeral when I offered to attend. Someone told me that: Bhais do not allow anyone in their funerals.
Pakistan must and should come out denial and counter the damaging activities Iranian intelligence network started with the honey trapping of Sikandar Mirza (grandson of traitor Mir Jaffar of Bengal), Pakistan’s Defence Secretary and later President by Nahid Afkhamy a non-Muslim (Bhai) Iran Military intelligence agent and wife of Col. Afkhamy Military Attaché stationed at Iranian embassy in Pakistan.
Iran is our neighbour and Saudi Arabia is our friend, said Prime Minister Imran Khan. Iran’s policies towards its neighbours are damaging and narrow for example Iran friendly with India and harbouring RAW agents on its soil as well as BLA (Baloch Liberation Army) have moved its HQ in Iran reportedly just before the Karachi Stock Exchange attacks. Uzair Baloch and RAW terrorist Kulbhushan Yadav’s confessions are more than enough to see the damaging role.
Iran is very friendly with Armenia as compare to Islamic Azerbaijan on the other hand Pakistan do not recognise Armenia. Iraqis have burnt Iran’s Najaf city consulate twice just before the killing of India friendly and anti-Pakistan sectarian proxy war specialist Gen Qassim Solimani. Indian RAW mourns his death as it changed the nasty game plans in Afghanistan Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. Iraqis burnt down the Najaf Consulate of Iran twice in a week due interference in the internal affairs.
Iran need to review its regional polices which are instrumental to the destruction of Saudi neighbouring Iraq, Yemen, Syria, and Lebanon. Iran’s sectarian policies to take over Gulf states of Bahrain and Kuwait are also making things worse. There is no harm in building bridges and making roads with neighbours.

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