Spring of blessings and rewards
in Al-Mustafa Eye Hospital

Aims Report

On the occasion of the completion of two new floors of “Al-Mustafa Eye Hospital” which provides free facilities from slip to operation.
Murshid Kareem Qibla Shah Ji Huzoor, who is of great proportions, greatness and dignity, arrived at Al-Mustafa Eye Hospital Lahore full of blessings and blessings. The whole environment of the hospital was filled with the arrival of Bahar Afreen of Bakmal Syedzadeh, who was united by the combination of speech and character, and Al-Mustafa’s team cheered. The air started humming. . The lamps of light and manifestation began to burn row by row. And the blessings and favors of Sayyid Badshah with Qalandarana payments were everywhere. Photo highlights containing the colorful scenes of these fragrant, fragrant, eternal moments.

On this occasion, Chairman Al-Mustafa Abdul Razzaq Sajid along with his entire team warmly welcomed his dear and great mentor with love and devotion. Hospital HOD Prof. Dr. Nasir Chaudhry gave a detailed briefing to Hazrat Allama Pir Syed Riaz Hussain Shahji regarding the different departments of Al-Mustafa Eye Hospital and the two-year performance. Qibla Shahji expressed his satisfaction on the quality and good performance of the hospital and blessed the staff of the hospital and the entire team of Al-Mustafa with special prayers. Hazrat Shahji Sarkar also inspected “Al-Mustafa Dastarkhawan” adjacent to the hospital and praised the practice of serving hundreds of God’s servants free of charge in the afternoon and evening. Qibla Shahji’s visit to Al-Mustafa Eye Hospital is a source of honor, pride and happiness for Al-Mustafa’s team. With the arrival of Shahji, the team of Al-Mustafa, who is active in serving humanity, got a fresh boost.

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