Why there are two birthdays of the Queen

Report Nisar Ahmed
This is since the monarch’s birthday is celebrated on her actual date of birth in April, and later in the summer with a grand parade by Buckingham Palace. Ever wondered why the Queen has two birthdays a year? It’s all down to this royal tradition.
Her Majesty’s official birthday is usually marked with the Trooping the Colour parade, a tradition which sees members of the armed services come together in a special military ceremony. The custom for monarchs to have two birthdays’ dates back over 250 years ago and no doubt will remain in place when others in the royal line of succession ascend the throne. Queen Elizabeth II has two birthdays each year – her actual birthday in April and an official one celebrated on the second Saturday in June. The two birthdays tradition for monarchs began with King George II back in 1748. A November-born king, he wanted a birthday when the weather was warmer and brighter for outdoor celebrations.
King George II combined this second birthday with the annual military parade known as Trooping of the Colour. And therefore, the Queen’s official birthday and event exist on the same day. Whilst Her Majesty’s second birthday now falls on a Saturday, it wasn’t always the case. Originally, Queen Elizabeth II marked her official birthday on the second Thursday of June. This was notably the same day as her father’s official birthday, King George VI. However, in 1959, after seven years on the throne, the Queen changed it to the second Saturday in June.
As for future monarchs, it’s thought that when Charles becomes king he will stick to the tradition. Especially as like King George II, his birthday falls in November. On the other hand, Prince William and his son Prince George’s birthday both take place in the summer. Though they’ll probably continue the practice much like the Queen does who has a Spring birthday.

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