“Al-Mustafa rising stars” program is launched to help our youth

We can create better country by focusing on them: Says Shamama Lateef

Report / Shamama Lateef

Report / Shamama Lateef

Under the auspices of “Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust International” where many religious, welfare and help projects are being run for the poor and needy people, there is also a program to attract the young generation towards religious and moral activities as well as positive sports, have been started. Trustee of “Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust” Shamama Lateef has said in this regard that the youth is a nation’s future, and we can create a better country by focusing on them.
Al Mustafa Welfare Trust runs the “Al Mustafa Rising Stars” program to help our youth. They offer a platform for young people to gain confidence, respect, show their potential, and make positive changes in society. She said, in this program, we have activities like learning about Islam, playing sports, and gaining skills such as cooking, sewing, and making beauty products. We also help them get work experience, build their CVs, and prepare for interviews to become more confident and capable.

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