Allama Anyatullah AlMashriqi & Pakistan, History need to be Rectified

This is the month of Independence of Pakistan undoubtedly it’s a great month for celebration but at the same time we do need to remember all those great personalities also who did great contributions towards the creation of Pakistan . Unfortunately, we have forgot about many unsung heroes of our history . Allama AlMashriqi might be the greatest among them when it comes to creation of Pakistan. On the one hand there was book on Allama AlMashriqi titled “ A Disowned Genius” to acknowledge his great contribution. As the matter-of-fact Allama AlMashriqi’s name is classic example of conspiracies and victimisations. That’s why he has been told as anti-Pakistan and anti Jinnah Falsely . While as the matter of fact he was initially against Pakistan as he believed British Raj should handover Regime to Muslims. But later on in 1946 he’s the one who forced Quaid E Azam to meet Gandhi Jee to reach to an agreement for Two nations formula . Allama AlMashriqi and Khaksar movement is also falsely accused to murder attempted attack in Quaid e Azam despite of clear Judgment by Judge Brown has clearly stated I. This decision that The Culprit Rafique Mozangwi has No designation in Khaksar Movement as claimed and also not even member of Khaksar movement . Hence Allama AlMashriqi or Khaksar Movement’s any relevance or involvement is not proven and fabricated.
Still Khaksar Tehrik and Allama is falsely accused of Anti Pakistan.

Allama Anyatullah AlMashriq with Quaid e Azam, Liaqat Ali Khan and other leaders

Just to remind that on 19th March which should be reminded and celebrated in remembrance of the Martyrdom of Khaksaars in Lahore on 19th March 1940. The day to remember as a repeat of Jalianwaala Bagh in Amritsar on 13 April 1919. If Jalianwaala BAGH was the start of the freedom movement of India then we all must acknowledge that Khaksaar’s martyrdom was the foundation of the creation of Pakistan & India. When that incident took place founder of Khaksar Tehrik ( movement) was in Prison in Delhi by British Raj under typical political vendetta charges. On 19th March 1940 khaksars were protesting against the illegal ban on the movement and imprisonments of many Khaksaars including their leader Allama Inayatullah Khan Almashriqi. But despite peaceful March past British colonial police opened fire to unarmed & peacefully protesting Khaksars in Minto Park (today known as Iqbal Park) Lahore. This massacre of khaksars was actually the starting point of the freedom movement of Pakistan which was completed in August 1947. Just to let my readers know that the historical annual public gathering of 23rd March 1940 where the Pakistan resolution was passed took place juts 4 days after that incident. According to historians and many researchers, narrators Quaid e Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s decision to present A separate state resolution ( Pakistan Resolution) was based on extreme anger against British Raj due to Khaksaars Massacre. And he decided to take advantage of public sentiment against British rule. Which was a very wise and right-in-time decision. Hence when on 21st March Quaid e Azam came to Lahore from Delhi by train he went straight to Mayo Hospital to see injured Khaksaars. Where Quaid e Azam called them his sons. Over 70 khaksar were martyrs and hundreds were Injured and also hundreds were arrested including two sons of Allama Almashriqi ( Inaam Ullah Akram & Inayatullah Asghar) . Inam Ullah Akram was my late father. Then after few days there was an illegal raid at Allama Almashriqi’s house come headquarter Khaksaar’s. During that raid, there was unprovoked tear gas shelling at his home, and Allama Almashriqi’s son Ehsan Ullah khan Aslam (My Uncle) aged 13 years was injured, and later on, he died during treatment in the hospital. So as the matter of fact not only Khaksars have given their blood in the creation of Pakistan but also Allama Almashriqi’s own Family has sacrificed lives for the creation of Pakistan.

Four sons of Allama Anyatullah AlMashriq

Although it’s late but still not too late to acknowledge the great sacrifice and contributions of Khaksaars and Allama Almashriqi and his family in the creation of Pakistan. It’s one of the biggest fabricated lies in history when it’s told that Allama Almashriqi was against the creation of Pakistan. No, he was never against the creation of Pakistan but in the beginning, he was convinced that the entire sub-continent should be handed over to the deserving Muslim leadership. But in later stages after world war 2 when the British were leaving India, Allama Almashriqi was the one who forced and requested Quaid e Azam to meet Gandhi and Viceroy in 1946 to conclude talks for Pakistan. Allama Mashriqi wanted Quaid e Azam, not to agree on anything without complete Bangal & Kashmir and he was also against the division of Punjab. He could foresee massacres of millions of people from both sides in such divisions of Punjab, Bengal.
His all prophecies have been proven true whether it was about Massacres of millions during partition in 1947 or separation of East Pakistan in 1971 or no solution to the Kashmir Issue through the United Nations till this day.
Now is the time Govt. of Pakistan should officially observe Khaksaar’s Day also there must be some roads and parks on the name of Allama Almashriqi. Sacrifice and contribution of Allama Almashriqi and Khaksaar’s should be part of our history books and curriculum.

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