Avoid non-essential air travel: High Commissioner Moazzam Ahmad Khan

By Our Correspondent

Pakistan High Commissioner Moazzam Ahmad Khan has said that In confronting the Covid-19 pandemic, we are all passing through exceptionally challenging circumstances. While the disease has already claimed over 2.6 million lives globally, the expeditious roll-out of the vaccine, including here in the United Kingdom, offers a silver lining. As an increasing number of vaccine doses are administered to a widening arc of recipients, we are seeing hopeful signs of a decline in infection rates. The peril persists however, and there remains, no room for complacency.
He said, it is important that at this juncture, UK health authorities guidelines are followed in letter and spirit. The vaccines afford a safe and proven method for preventing the spread of the disease. I therefore urge you once again to cooperate with the authorities get yourselves and your dependents inoculated soonest possible. High commissioner said, I also avail this opportunity to stress the need to avoid non-essential air travel, particularly international travel, in line with UK guidelines. At this point in time, I would strongly urge not to travel abroad, unless unavoidable. By acting with caution, complying with guidelines and exercising restraint now, we would be helping save precious lives, and assisting in bringing a closure to this Pandemic.

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