British Pakistanis should more invest in the business sector

PM Imran Khan is trying to eradicate corruption from Pakistan
Pakistanis are more emotional than Indians says renowned British Entrepreneur Bilal Hasan Ghafoor

Interview/ Wajahat Ali Khan

Manchester born genius Bilal Hassan Ghafoor is the Director of “Manchester Super Stores” he is one of the leading British businessmen in the UK and the owner of biggest chain of retailer in Manchester, Bolton, Bradford, Liverpool and Wakefield, where thousands of people are earning their livelihood. “Aims International” had the opportunity to interview him in Manchester a few days ago. He told us in a brief interview that my father alone started this business about 30 years ago from a very small scale and now MashAllah our retail business is flourishing. He said British Pakistanis should invest as much as possible in the business sector. Although retail businesses have been impacted by this year’s economic disruptions, but opportunities still exist for businesses to optimise, survive, and thrive. Answering a question, Bilal said, Retailers’ relative performance in capital markets starkly demonstrates a pandemic-driven acceleration of ongoing industry shifts. This means those who wish to keep up need to speed up. About the Covid effect on market, he told us that the seismic impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the retail industry continues to reverberate more than a year after the pandemic struck the globe. Forced to shutter down stores overnight and rapidly escalate their shift to e-commerce, retailers have watched temporary effects, such as grocery hoarding and apparel overstock, gradually give way to new consumer behaviours and business practices that may permanently reshape the industry. As the dust from the coronavirus earthquake starts to clear, the retail landscape looks transformed, with the disruption giving some companies a massive performance jolt as others have been devastated.

Bilal Hasan Ghafoor is strict adherent of his Muslim values and believes that Islam is a peaceful religion so, we must move forward with peace and brotherhood with other communities in the UK. He said my father came England decades ago from Gujar Khan Pakistan he works very hard, day and night, so his hard work paid off and today we are proud to play our part in British economy. Answering a question Bilal said although I am not so keen of politics, but I do believe that Pakistanis living in the UK should participate in local politics here in UK, because British Pakistanis are the second-largest ethnic minority population in the United Kingdom. Their presence and contribution in the steel and textile industries and the NHS has been significant in the rebuilding of Britain after the Second World War. In response to a question, he said that there is no problem in having overseas wing of political parties of Pakistan because Pakistanis want to be connected to their homeland, he said “many friends of mine are doing politics here in UK and in Pakistan.

I, myself supporter of PTI because PM Imran Khan is trying to eradicate corruption from Pakistan. Here in UK, I am a big supporter of Labour party because its manifesto is much better than other parties.”
Bilal insisted, we must consider and admit that Indian community in UK is much stronger than we are. The big question is WHY? We must think the reason that why Pakistani students underachieve in comparison to other ethnic minority groups. Indeed, there seems to be a general assumption that Pakistani and Bangladeshi ethnic groups are comparatively less qualified and less successful in business, if this is the case, what are the possible causes for this situation? As for as I think (1) we are more emotional than Indians (2) British Pakistanis send most of their earning to back home Indians do not do.

The purpose of this article is to consider why Pakistani Muslims are assumed to be comparatively less qualified than other ethnic groups and then to explore the actual education achievements of Pakistani Muslims. So, we are lagging from other communities in most fields especially in education is also our big issue, even though the time of Indians and Pakistanis coming to UK is almost the same.

Bilal Hasan Ghafoor emphasised about the perception that crime ratio is high in the north of England, was not true and there were good and bad people everywhere. He said as a community we need to speak our native language to British born children so that they can also know the ancestral culture of their parents, also we must believe in unity faith discipline and keep yourself together. I love music, but I prefer mysticism,” he said.

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