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We are manufacturer of all kinds of the oil and run research and development centre in the field of natural healthcare products: CEO Dr Mevlut

Wajahat Ali Khan

Dr Mevlut Buyukhelvacıgil is CEO of “Zade Vital” the company makes all kind of oil from the natural seeds. The same company run a research institute of medicine which called Ibn-I Sina research centre. “Almustfa Welfare Trust UK” has visited here with its delegation back in December 2021.
Dr Mevlut welcomed the delegation and said that he was Born in Konya, which is a historically known as Iconiumis a major city in south-central Turkey, on the south-western edge of the Central Anatolian Plateau. The population of the city is 2,232,274 inhabitants, its three urban districts making it the seventh-most-populous city in Turkey. Konya is a large and industrially developed city. After the Turkish War of Independence, the city became part of the modern Republic of Turkey.

In 1961, Dr Mevlut Buyukhelvacıgil graduated from the Departments of Business Administration of Selçuk University and Eskişehir Anadolu University. He accomplished master’s degree in “Functional Oils” and submitted PhD thesis in “Institutionalization and Constitutional Practices in Family Businesses” at the Preston University in the US. As a result of his efforts started in 1989, he established the Zade Vegetable Oil Refinery Plant, the first refinery in Konya, in 1991. In 2003, he launched the high-technology II Oil Refinery and Integrated Facility with human error-free PLC automation systems. Under the leadership of Dr. Mevlut Buyukhelvacıgil and with advanced technology, quality system certification, and R&D, Zade is ranking among the world’s leading organizations in its field, to date.

Qualified by 17 different quality and system certifications, the Zade Facility today is the first and only owner of this rank in its field. Zade is the first company to implement the ISO 9002 Quality Management System in Turkey and ISO 22000 Food Safety System in its respective industry across the globe. Company certification includes important documentations, e.g., EIA Environmental Impact Assessment, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series, ISO 17025 Laboratory Management System, ISO 10002 Quality Management – Customer Satisfaction, and BRC-Food Safety Systems.
The Research and Development activities conducted in close collaboration between academia and industry not only generated many successful scientific publications, but also yielded products with added value.
In 2003, Zade Facility was also rewarded with “Competence in Excellence” by the European Quality Foundation and still maintains its position as the first and only company in the industry to have received this award.

Fascinated by herbs since early 2000’s, Dr. Mevlut Buyukhelvacıgil has introduced the Zade Natural and Zade Organic product ranges to consumers in 2007. With the aim of turning the natural abundance of our country into nutritional supplements of pharmaceutical-grade quality, Dr Buyukhelvacıgil launched a venture for product R&D with ARGEFAR, the Centre for Pharmaceutical Development and Pharmacokinetic Research in 2008.
As the first step of the 7-year effort spent by the Scientific Group comprising 200 scientists, he put the Zade Vital Herbal Nutritional Supplement Series at the disposal of doctors and pharmacists in 2012. In January 2014 after a 5-year CTD dossier process, he achieved the success of obtaining authorization for Zade Vital Nigelin as Turkey’s first and only Traditional Herbal Medicine registered as a Medicinal Product for Human Use by the Ministry of Health.
Certified among the top R&D Centres in Turkey, the Zade & Zade Vital İbn-i Sina R&D Center under his leadership has become the first Research and Development Center in the field of natural healthcare products. With the Zade Vital® Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plants, Mr. Buyukhelvacıgil has made available to our nation the largest soft capsule manufacturing plants of Europe in GMP standards.
With the success of Zade Vital, Dr. Buyukhelvacıgil was invited to the European Business Awards in 2014. Ranking among the top 10 entrepreneurs from 1,500 institutions across 34 countries, he received the “High Honour” award. Again in 2014, he received the “İbn-i Sina Order of Merit of the Turkish World” for his contributions to science and Turkish Medicine.
Never missing out on social responsibility since day one of his career, Dr. Buyukhelvacıgil actively engaged in countless projects that largely benefit the public. In the framework of his “Support for a Healthy Living” initiative, he raised awareness across Turkey for protection against breast and uterine cancer. With special emphasis on the cultural development of the younger generations, Dr. pioneered and supported the “Yed-i Velayet 7 Vilayet Short Film Festival”, of which the first was held in 2014.
His studies on “family business” and “family constitution” based on 7,000 different sources throughout a 7-year span were taken as reference by many Companies. His books, “Institutionalization in Family Companies and Family Constitution,” and “Family Constitution from Family to Institution,” that disclose an important part of the Helvacızade Family Constitution, offer a concrete guide for many family businesses in Turkey. The English version of his book serves as a valuable resource for all universities worldwide.
Holding office as an Administrative Delegate for the Turkish Green Crescent, Dr. has been also appointed as the Director General for the Green Crescent Konya Branch for implementing a variety of successful projects during his tenure. Gaining attention with his activities involving various issues particularly substance addiction while working with the Green Crescent, Buyukhelvacıgil developed a brand-new application model also bringing together representatives from the private sector along with several public institutions including the Province Directorate of Health, Metropolitan Municipality, Ministry of National Education, and University, in the Board of Directors.

Dr. Buyukhelvacıgil, who assumed various roles with a large number of non-profit organizations and educational institutions including Chemical Industry Association membership, Presidency of the Board of R&D Innovation in TOBB as well as participation in the Board of Oil Seed Support of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Administrative Board of the Vegetable Oil Industry (BYSD), board and assembly membership in the Konya Chamber of Industry, KALDER Quality Foundation, Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB), American Soybean Association (ASA), founder of Traffic Accidents Protection Association, founding membership of Cemeteries’ Foundation, Presidency of the Selçuklu and Anadolu High Schools’ Association, and membership of the Professional Union of Musical Artists, Dr. Buyukhelvacıgil is currently a member of the Turkish-US Cooperation Council. Mevlut Buyukhelvacıgil, author and economic editor in magazines and newspapers, is a board member in Helvacızade A.Ş., one of the largest 500 organizations in Turkey, is married and has five children.
Dr Mevlut Buyukhelvacıgil Since 2017, Helvacızade Group continues to work on Zade Global Inc.’s global operations in America. Buyukhelvacıgil continues to develop innovative new product lines and conferences on Institutionalization in Family Companies which are in high demand. Since 2017, Dr Mevlut Buyukhelvacıgil is working on the global operations of Zade Global, Inc., affiliate of the Helvacızade Group in the US. Buyukhelvacıgil also continues to develop innovative products and attend conferences on Institutionalization in Family Business, which are highly popular.
Dr Mevlut told “AL Mustafa’s delegation the details about his business that one is “Wellness and Fitness Services” and second is “The Natural Power of Seeds” he said the Zade Vital Series of Natural Nutritional Supplements is a healthy living brand that emerges from the Anatolian soil and take strength from healthy plants and fruits of the Mediterranean and Black Sea. University and industry cooperation, scientific group of 200 scientists and strong R&D and P&D infrastructure of Zade Global form the basis of Zade Vital products developed because of a nine-year R&D process.
Zade Vital has combined the plants, fruits and seeds used for healing and beauty for thousands of years with R&D and offered the world’s richest Cold Press product range with the Vital Oils category. Manufacturing plants, fruits and seeds without any heat treatment or chemical process, Zade Vital produces the plants which grow in only certain geographical regions under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards with its wide range of products and offers them in pharmaceutical form. Zade Vital also delivers these products all over the world in innovative forms such as Concept series that have not been done before.

With Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical categories, 116 different product types and 404 different product forms, it supports to feel better in every period of life from childhood, to slow down aging effects, to protect from diseases, to gain power and energy, to protect health and beauty of skin and to get older healthfully. Zade Vital aims to reduce the treatment costs as well as help to increase the health status.
Chairman Almustafa Welfare Trust Abdulrazaq Sajid, Director of the “trust” Maqsood Ahmed obe, journalist & editor “the Aims international” Wajahat Ali Khan and Raja Faiz Sultan thanked the Dr and his staffer.

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