Munir Ahmed: Mayor of Ealing

Human born to serve others,

Aims international had the privilege of interviewing Mayor Munir Ahmed, the mayor of Ealing. Mayor Munir discusses his thoughts on the success, challenges they have faced, and main priorities the council will have going forward and what have been the most successful initiatives that have truly made a difference in the standard of living in the borough.

Editor Aims interviewing to Mayor of Ealing in his office.

Mr Mayor said, for me it is vital to make sure that Ealing remains a borough for all. I don’t want a segregated the borough divided into wealthy and poor neighbourhoods. In the borough our tool to create a mixed area is to build subsidized social housing, also in the new, attractive neighbourhoods.
When asked that as a mayor what have been the key challenges and concerns you have had to overcome to implement ideas, best practices, and improve the quality of living in Ealing, that If council could provide 3 tips for council improve their quality of living for their residents, what would they be?
Mayor Munir emphasis that prioritizing green solutions, quality of life, and focus on growth. Making green solutions and creating a high quality of life pays off, and I think that’s a very important message to send to mayors around the world. He said, high living standards, soft values, and life quality is an important factor for the Brough activeness. Therefore, my main priorities are high-quality public schools, clean air, and a high-quality everyday life for all Ealing borough.

Chairman Al Mustafa Welfare Trust Abdulrazzaq Sajid met Mayor Ealing, Munir Ahmed at his office Ealing Town Hall and congratulated him for his mayorship, Maqsood Ahmad OBE and Wajahat Ali Khan was also present at this occasion.

Mayor Munir hails from Kharia, Gujrat Pakistan, he came to the UK in the 1980s. He wanted to be a doctor but became in business. He highlighted that I have lived in Perivale for almost twenty years and now the area well understanding the issues and concerns of can be their voices in the council and help them resolve our local problems. As a local councillor I will be available all time any time. He said as I am a business studies Graduate who has been successfully running a business locally for the past twenty years, strengthening my relationship with the local business community and gaining expertise in the management field, I am aware how to manage the resources effectively and how to keep a good relationship with others in the business community. I am confident that I will be a true representative of local businesspeople and help them grow and offer my assistance.

When asked about his family, mayor said that I am a family man and have seen my children grow up in the area and now they all are graduated, one of my son and one daughter are doctor, my two daughters are accountant and one son is a businessman, everyone has their own choice that’s why I never forced my children regarding their profession should be. I know exactly how the families and youth feel about local councillors and what they expect from them, and I am convinced that I will be an asset to the community. He said I am the chair of governor at Vicars Green primary school and have led the team of Governors to help the school and outstanding Ofsted report 2012. As I am also chair of finance and premises committees, I am responsible of a school budget of over £1,400,000 and must make calculated decisions to improve the school community by exercising my management skills most appropriately, skills which will be greatly beneficial to the community. Being a chai of governors involve me with parents, teachers and children. I have built very strong working relationship with them. Children who saw me as their chair of governors over seven years are now active adult members of my community. As I have practically demonstrated my excellent leadership skills to the school and parents, they have full faith and trust in me as they believe their children’s is in safe hands. I am sure they will have the same trust in my leadership as a councillor/mayor and will support me at all levels.

Mayor Munir elaborated that he believes the best councillor/mayor is the one who represent both his/her resident, behalf of their party in the council and at any platform. He said looking at my track record, commitment, knowledge of the local area and council, strong relationship with local community and my passion to serve, I am sure that I will be the best councillor in my area to deal with local issues. He said as I attend local event, functions, festivals, church, temple, gurdwara and mosque e vents I am known in the community and many people ask me for help on many different issues and get my help. This is how I keep in touch with the community and the community with me. As I am a local resident, people are always comfortable to catch me on the street and address any concerns they may have directly to me, highlighting the pride I place on my accessibility to residents, a trait which I shall carry on when I am mayor. He said, I sincerely believe that the human is born to serve others that’s why I want to be contest councillor’s election again because by holding this position, the problems of the people can be solved directly. Mayor has said, I built a school back home in my village and got it approved by government, this school is still running but I haven’t been there for the last two decades so no one would thing I was interfering.

A brief Introduction of Munir Ahmed, The Mayor of Ealing

The worshipful Mayor of Ealing, Councillor Munir Ahmed was formally elected to the position in May 2021. Councillor Munir Ahmed has been a Labour councillor for Perivale ward since 2014 and a member of several committees, including planning, licensing and health and adult social services. He has also chaired the governors at Vicars Green Primary school in Perivale for almost 15 years.
As mayor, Councillor Ahmed is responsible for civic ceremonial duties within the borough and will attend a wide range of events and key functions, such as Remembrance Day services and greeting any members of the royal family visiting the borough.
On becoming the borough’s ‘first citizen’ he proudly said: “I feel privileged to serve in Ealing, the borough has given me so much.” Talking about the past he said, “When I first came to Ealing, I had senior people in my community who guided me, and showed me the best way to live life,” said Councillor Ahmed. “I learned the importance of legacy. How to raise my children, build my business and work life – this was an inspiration. “I thought that if there were people before me that helped me to be where I am, then it’s my responsibility to help the next generation. So, I decided, having been successful in my business and family life, that it is my duty to now give back and serve the community.”

Proud family Man
The Mayor of Ealing is a very proud family man and he spoke fondly of his five children who are all university graduates, with one daughter graduating just this year. His wife Fakhirah is his mayoral consort and has been accompanying him as mayoress; and he said: “I am thankful to her for being with me, for her love and support, and for raising our now fully grown children all these years. It was lot of hard work.” His youngest daughter Alveena is also his consort and will accompany him when required. Meanwhile, he is being assisted in his duties by Councillor Mohinder Midha, who has been appointed deputy mayor. Mayor Munir said ‘I am always here for people in the community’
Councillor Ahmed is a graduate in business management from Thames Valley University, now known as the University of West London, in Ealing. He worked as a successful business owner for more than two decades, before passing the business on to his first son, He explained: “I decided to retire, and hand over the business to my son, so there would be no conflict of interest in serving the community. This way I could give my full time to politics and be available for the people of Ealing.

“Since serving as a councillor, I have always kept my emails open. I never have a message that says I am unavailable; I am always here for people in the community.
Serving a diverse borough
“I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet different faith organisations, and voluntary groups,” he said. “There are so many diverse ethnicities in Ealing. This is the beautiful thing about Ealing.” He added: “There is a lot of misunderstanding about what the council does. I want to help residents to understand the council better. People are not familiar with local government and how the system works, what councillors do, and how they can get help from their local representatives. I would like to spread as much information about this as I can and meet as many people and organisations as possible.”
Helping families in Ealing
Home Start is the mayor’s chosen charity for this financial year, 2021/22. The charity has provided invaluable support and friendship to families in the borough since 1996 and continues to achieve positive outcomes for hundreds of families living in the community.
Councillor Ahmed said: “As we are just coming out of the pandemic, Home Start is the best choice of charity to help families. Especially those who have suffered during this difficult period, whether it’s through domestic issues, mental health issues, partnership issues, caring for children or challenges as single parents.
“There are a lot of issues to be dealt with, and I think Home Start is the best charity to help people who are in need. I will be encouraging as many people as possible through the charity. I am also hoping to run a fundraising event to raise money for the charity.”
Show your support
Over the coming weeks and months, the mayor of Ealing will be in attendance in formal robe and chain (as seen in this picture), to preside over citizenship ceremonies, and community meetings, as well as chairing meetings at full council. If you see him when you are out and about, say hello because he wants to hear from you. He is here to serve the community.

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